Pete's Log: Tactical Hacking Gloves

Entry #1881, (Random Crap)
(posted when I was 42 years old.)

It's definitely been winter in these parts lately. With the thermostat set to 67 °F, the house has been comfortable enough, except in the basement where my workspace is set up. The temperature down there has had a hard time staying above 60 °F, which is even below my comfort level.

Thankfully a recent Hackerbox included a hat that seems to be just the right fit and warmth for basement use. But the thing that bothered me the most was how cold my hands would get. So I ordered myself some army surplus fingerless wool gloves. And they are perfect. My hands don't get cold anymore and so I am much more comfortable continuing my work downstairs.

I've jokingly been calling them my "Hacking Gloves" and of course JB picked up on the term, so I think it's official. Jamie helped me create a documentary of a typical day using my hacking gloves. We're very with it now (and by "we" I mean Jamie), so you can find it posted on the tiktok.

In other news, we've been obsessing about humidity lately. Must be a parenthood thing. Home Assistant has allowed us to place sensors all over the place, and as a result we've upgraded to a whole-home-sized humidifier. It's quite impressive just how much water the air in our house is able to soak up.