Pete's Log: Updated project list

Entry #1988, (Coding, Hacking, & CS stuff, Smokepacking)
(posted when I was 43 years old.)

By light of morning, it occurs to me I forgot two items in yesterday's list. Another reason it's good to get these written down.

  • Continue work on the code for the component tester. It still only does resistors when it could do so much more.
  • Maybe some day I'll figure out this Philips Wiz WiFi bulb:
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    I previously mentioned it was an accidental purchase, and it seems to forget the WiFi network with annoying regularity. I suspect it might do this because I have it on a subnet with no internet access and it is deciding that when it can't phone home it must be on a bad network. The info I found online that the firmware on Wiz bulbs is easy to overwrite appears to be regarding older models of these. But it does state on the outside that it contains IC 21098-ESP32SOLO1. That ESP32 inside there gives me hope. So far this is as far as I've gotten it apart. Getting access to the inner board is looking like it may require more destructive means. Part of me wonders if any of the 10 pins connecting the inner board to the LED board are programming pins. The internet has revealed nothing so far, so I think if I'm going to make any progress I'm going to have to break through to the inner board. And I haven't felt ready for that step yet.