Pete's Log: Fermentation and Insulation

Entry #2137, (Fermentation, Homeownership)
(posted when I was 44 years old.)

Fermentation is going well. Jamie and I tried the Sauerkraut today. Verdict is that the taste is good but it's a bit too crunchy still. So it's still in the fermenter for another day.

The sourdough starter smells heavenly and is showing real good activity. I'm actually considering baking with it this weekend even though I wasn't planning to originally.

We have finally returned our attention to our derailed insulation project. This homeownership thing really should come with a manual. But at this point I've at least read enough articles and watched enough videos to be dangerous-or at least to know most of the terminology. Jamie and I both feel tempted to DIY it, but free time is in short supply these days. So we've had two insulation companies come by to give us estimates (a third company never returned my phone call). The first guy did not seem to want to do much more than measure the area and multiply it by some constant and give that to us as a quote. Today's guy seemed to really try to understand our concerns and how our house worked. Plus he complimented our little free library (his mom is apparently a librarian). Now we await his quote.