Pete's Log: This is how we Saturday

Entry #2155, (Home Automation, Homeownership, Life in General)
(posted when I was 44 years old.)

Today Jamie and I spent some more quality time in the attic, putting in a bunch more insulation. Starting to feel good about our progress.

I also finished caulking the garage door trim. Since that last post we've learned of several more neighbors getting notices from the village about their garages. And it appears the village inspector had other reasons to check out our alley. Hopefully our trim is in sufficient shape now to get left alone.

Jamie and I watched the first episode of the latest season of the Great British Baking Show. We were entertained. We like "Compost Carole." We don't get to watch much of anything lately, so it was fun to unwind a bit after our DIYing.

I bought a font today: Comic Code. I've updated all my sway and terminal configurations to use it. I absolutely love it.

screen shot of docker pull displayed using Comic Code fontScreenshot of ncmpcpp highlighting Comic Code font

I spent the first few minutes giggling to myself, but since then I keep finding myself pausing to admire how pleasing I find it.

With this new font inspiring me, I thought I'd finish off the evening hacking on something and spun up my new esgeroth dev environment for the first time in months. But then I realized my desk music display thingy was inactive. A quick investigation uncovered that the zwavejs2mqtt pod was down, so the message from the motion detector that I was in the basement was getting lost and thus the display remained off.

I hadn't messed with the cluster much lately, but I got the pod working again. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to want to talk to several of the zwave sensors in the house, including the one on my desk. So I figured I'd update to the latest version (now called zwave-js-ui instead of zwavejs2mqtt). This was actually my first time upgrading the version of something running on the cluster. So far I've only kept up with OS updates instead. So now I have some new cluster documentation. And the upgrade worked!

The only tricky piece is that the new pod cannot communicate with the zwave USB stick until after the host node is rebooted.

My desk music display is now showing me what I'm listening to. And that's all I really wanted. Now it's time for bed.