Pete's Log: Chicken Update

Entry #2162, (Chickens)
(posted when I was 44 years old.)

Winter has arrived. We woke up to 1 inch or so of snow today. On Sunday we switched their water to the heated container. They seem to remember how to use it.

So far they seem to be handling the cold OK, although the temperature is going to drop even more this weekend, so we'll be monitoring their situation. Of course, while this is their first winter with us, it's their second winter, so they should know how to handle it.

Jamie, being the sweet wonderful person she is, has been looking up cold weather foods to supplement them with. This morning they got oatmeal with blueberries. They seemed to really enjoy it.

They continue to be fun and they continue to be characters. Anna is still the curious goof. She can be seen on our kitchen window sill and checking out my work laptop in the pictures below.

Elsa is still the thief and is also the chicken I need to warn guests about potentially getting pecked by.

Olaf is still the skittish one and has been sometimes avoiding returning to the run after freeranging. We've had to up the treats we offer to get her back in. She's also taken to chasing rabbits anytime she sees any in our yard.

Olaf stopped laying eggs a month or so ago. Anna and Elsa are still laying but have slowed down a little. With the current temperatures we're going to have to really keep on top of checking for eggs so they don't freeze.

Anna on the kitchen window sillAnna checking out my work laptopChickens enjoying a pumpkinAnna and Elsa on their perchSelfie with all three chickensElsa and Olaf by the pine tree