Pete's Log: Miscellany

Entry #2190, (Chickens, Random Crap)
(posted when I was 44 years old.)

It's been 510 days since I started factorizing Pete's Number. Still haven't gotten a fifth factor yet. Currently up to 6674317178587.

Olaf has laid two more eggs since her first of the year. Anna and Elsa have been steadily laying all winter, so I hope they're not upset we get so excited about Olaf eggs.

I'm quite proud of my Redactle performance of the past few days.
Screenshot of Redactle Game History showing six recent game: "Francis Bacon" in 11 guesses, "Soldier" in 1 guess, "Alaska" in 1 guess, "Baud" in 12 guesses, "History of South America" in 3 guesses and "Equator" in 1 guess

I've been occasionally posting Redactle solving details to, but I don't think I'm very good at describing my solves in under 500 characters.

While I'm busy sharing unimportant things, here's the most recent screenshot of my Wordle statistics. What I find interesting is that back when I used to start every puzzle with "arise" my 3 bar and 4 bar were basically equal in length. Now that I start each Wordle with a random word, my 4 bar has been growing longer than my 3 bar.

Screenshot of Wordle statistics. 377 games played, 99% won, current streak is 46 and max streak is 99. Distribution of results by number of guesses: 1-1, 2-9, 3-117, 4-158, 5-67, 6-20

JB and I finished the camper van this evening. She was worried I had worked on it without her because she noticed I had moved it around for yesterday's photo. There are a handful of substitutions for pieces I could not find, but I don't think you'd notice unless you looked real close. JB was very excited to have it completed.