Pete's Log: Word Game Ramblings

Entry #2322, (Random Crap)
(posted when I was 44 years old.)

My longest Wordle streak came to an end a couple days ago. "Nanny" ended the streak at 176. I was less bothered than when my first streak ended. Sorry I didn't spoiler "Nanny" but I'm assuming it doesn't matter three days later.

Wordle statistics showing 511 games played, 99 win%, 3 current streak, 176 max streak. Guess distribution: 1-1, 2-16, 3-159, 4-201, 5-99, 6-29

My rainbow crossword streak is sitting at 124, but I think the only way that streak ends is if I forget to play. JB still regularly asks to play.

My Redactle streak is at 39. There've been a few lately that I've solved by getting enough of the article revealed to successfully google the result. But that's just when I don't know the topic, like "Sergei Eisenstein" or "Peter Abelard."

My favorite recent success was "Sling (weapon)" which appeared as "_____ (______)". A word in parentheses at the end of a Wikipedia article title generally means it's a disambiguation, so the word before the parentheses is a word that has multiple meanings and the word in the parentheses is a category. Looking through the article it seemed like there were a number of date ranges and a number of length/distance ranges. For some reason "weapon" then felt right for the six-letter category. So for five-letter weapons, I came up with spear, lance, and sling. The article opened with "A _____ is a __________ weapon" where the word before "weapon" was 10 letters, which felt like "projectile" was a good candidate. So I went with sling and got lucky.

Screenshot showing Redactle game history, listing a current streak of 39. The most recent entry is blanked out to prevent spoilers, but was solved in 44/109 guesses and 19 minutes. Before that is Crystal System in 34/81, Sergei Eisenstein in 35/61 and Sling (Weapon) in 2/2

I'm also still playing Quordle and German Wordle, but I don't ever manage long streaks on either.