Pete's Log: Log Entry 299

Entry #299, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

oma & papa are in town for tommy's graduation. ate dinner at rozman's with them last night. remembered afterwards how awesome stars are. another reason i couldn't live in indiana for longer-term than grad school. today i went swimming with diana, annie, and danica. annie and danica spent about half an hour trying to get my head underwater, but failed. but it certainly gave me some exercise. the altitude is still hurting me. oh well. it's getting better. went to rozman's for dinner again tonite. richard and papa went fishing today, so we got to feast on the spoils. dad helped to cook the trout to perfection. good stuff. i'd forgotten how much fun fishing could be. perhaps i'll try to go fishing sometime this summer. richard talked about the latest water rights issues in the valley. bizarre stuff. i need to figure out if cleopatra 2525 and jack of all trades are played locally and at what time...