Pete's Log: Log Entry 300

Entry #300, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

a sure sign of something: annie is studying vocab for her spanish final, and one of her vocab items is "navigar la red" which means "to surf the net". of course, i may have misspelled the spanish version, but that's ok, it's not my final.

i'm looking at powerbooks. in specific i'm looking at two g3 powerbook models. both of them have a 100 MHZ bus, 1 meg of backside level 2 cache, support for up to 512 megs of PC 100 SDRAM, a 14.1" active-matrix display, a 6x dvd-rom drive, a 56K v.90 modem, ATI rage 128 with 8 megs of video sdram, 16 bit audio and stereo speakers, support for airport, 10/100 Base-T ethernet, a slot for one PC card, Two 400Mbps FireWire ports, two independent 12Mbps USB boards, and mac os 9. i'm quite happy with those specs. one model has a 400 mhz g3, 64 megs of ram, and a 6 gig drive, and costs about $2500. the other has a 500 mhz g3, 128 megs of ram, and a 12 gig drive, and costs about $3500. i can definitely afford the 400 mhz, but i may be able to get the 500 mhz, and i definitely like the idea of more ram and disk space, the cpu speed is of less concern to me. i'll have to decide soon, since i want to make some use of this machine over the summer...

went to memorial day mass at the crested butte cemetary this morning, it was a nice ceremony, a whole bunch veterans marched around and fired a salute at the end, and the view from the cemetary is very good. i was kinda surprised at the number of wwii vets... but god bless 'em.