Pete's Log: Log Entry 313

Entry #313, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

i am in serious pain. ow. and my throat is sore from breathing so hard. but it was all worth it.

mom returned from cuchara/la junta. she brought with her knowledge of a new card game called racehorse rummy. it is rather complicated, but quite fun. dad bought a colorado microbrew sampler. fun. so far we've tried three varieties. both of us liked one a lot, one not so much, and found one to be acceptable. more tomorrow. the box claimed that colorado is coming to be known as much for its microbrews as for its mountains. i don't quite buy that yet, but there are quite a lot of breweries in this state. i think i should insist on living only in places with a certain number of breweries per capita. like colorado or belgium.