Pete's Log: Log Entry 314

Entry #314, (Travel)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

we picked up the cat from the vet on tuesday. turned out it was already neutered, so we didn't have to do that after all. kinda odd. finished the colorado microbrew sampler that night and played more racehorse rummy. i was rather unimpressed with the remaining selection...

as of yesterday i'm in albuquerque, new mexico. i stopped at mcdonalds on the way here in alamosa, co for lunch. since lisa seemed so excited by the dinosaur game, i got a few game pieces, but then promptly threw them away with the rest of my trash. oops. had dinner with oma, papa, and the bob sisson family. good to see all of them again. helped oma get the camera hooked to her imac working. now i need to teach her how to use it so she can start sending people pictures. also helped out with other various things.

it seems gas prices are highest in the midwest (brian) and lowest in texas (cdawg). but not everyone has answered my survey yet.