Pete's Log: Log Entry 315

Entry #315, (Travel)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

took the tramway to the top of sandia peak with oma & papa this morning. was neat. the sandia peak tramway is the world's longest tramway and is quite an engineering feat. it was rather amazing. on the albuquerque side of the mountain (the west side) the terrain is definitely dessert, very arid. once you get to the top and look down on the east side, it looks almost like you're in colorado, it's dense foresty terrain. but off in the distance you can see desert again. we had a good guide on the way up the tram. he pointed out various things to us. one of the canyons on the way up was called twa canyon, because in the fifties a twa plane crashed into the mountain and most the debris fell into this canyon. we saw some of the debris through the trees. it looked small, but we were 900 feet or so above the ground... supposedly the plane had taken off on a very foggy/cloudy day and it's compass turned out to have been off byy 18 degrees, and its altimeter off by about 1000 feet. at the top we ate at the high finance restaurant. our waitress turned out to be a notre dame student. francesca is a native of albuquerque and is going to be a senior architecture major at nd next year.

i hung with ryan sisson after he got off work. helped him put a bikini top on his jeep. it was, in his words, "a chore and a half" but we were victorious.

been watching some fun history channel shows. mainly occult stuff. a few episodes of "ufos: then and now" and an episode of history's mysteries that covered the devil's triangles: the bermuda triangle and something in the great lakes and some show about hitler and the occult. i believe there is going to be a show about the history of the internet in about 45 minutes. that should be fun.

esgeroth was down for a while earlier this week. sniff. but paul saved the day and rebooted it. apparently a power outage made esgeroth unhappy...