Pete's Log: Log Entry 317

Entry #317, (Travel)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

arun is a traitor to the west. but that's ok. he'll get his.

went with oma and papa to compusa. actually got to take a look at the g3 powerbooks. i definitely am gonna get one, they're too cool. based off web research and asking some dude at compusa, it seems i can't get the 400 mhz model with a bigger drive, so i think i'm just gonna go with the 500 mhz model and the bigger drive. i noticed one flaw in the g3 powerbook, tho: it only has one mouse button. but i can suffer thru that i spose... after compusa we went to walmart. bought sheets to take home to mom. i guess she needs some. started looking at gas stations in the area. regular unleaded ranges between $1.45 and $1.50 around the albuquerque area. i guess that's about as low as they come these days.

helped fix various things for oma and papa. their answering machine is now functional again, as is a tv remote control. found the problem in a vcr, but was unable to fix it due to a lack of parts to replace broken ones. they're gonna buy a new one i think.

i think i'll be lucky if i do have as much travelling in my life as oma and papa have done in theirs. need to work on that.

i need to remember that i like pears. i always enjoy eating them, but always forget that i do. they're quite good.