Pete's Log: Log Entry 318

Entry #318, (Travel)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

well, i have victoriously returned to the pacific side of the continental divide. stupid arun.

had breakfast with oma and papa in their backyard this morning. was quite nice, many birds visited us. i think i need to become better at identifying birds... missed the exit on i-25 for the santa fe bypass, so i ended up driving thru downtown santa fe, but it wasn't too bad, traffic was light. stopped in alamosa for lunch at mcdonalds again, this time i did not throw away the dinosaur game pieces. i have to give the people of the monte vista, co, area credit for originality. as you head north out of monte vista, all the roads that intersect highway 285 are called one mile road, two mile road, three mile road, ..., ten mile road. when i reached the top of cochetopa pass, the supersized drink i had at mcdonalds was pressuring my bladder, so i pulled off the road. there was a sign that warned about extreme forest fire danger (where in co/nm isn't there extreme forest fire danger? probably wherever there aren't forests...), so i found a particularly dry tree and helped make it a bit less dry. i've done my part, smoky bear. dad had dos equis for me when i arrived home. thoughtful of him.