Pete's Log: Log Entry 361

Entry #361, (Travel)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

OK, Arun lied to me, it's Chicken "Vindaloo," not "Vandooli."

After the Cambodian restaurant, we went by McDonalds since I wanted a Vanilla milkshake for dessert. Once I got to order, I asked for "A Large Vanilla Milkshake" ... the girl says "What kind of drink do you want" and I say "Vanilla" and she says "Oh, you want a milkshake" so I'm starting to be a bit suspicious. She tells me my total is "4 dollars and 60 some odd cents" and I know this can't be right and tell her so. She says it's so, and so the manager comes over and they ask "Oh, you didn't want the large frys?" and I tell them I didn't, I just wanted a large vanilla milkshake. I'm kinda skeptical that large fries cost three dollars, tho. So the new total is four dollars and twenty some odd cents, so I try to figure out what they want me to pay for. Finally I figure out they were trying to sell me a number 3 value meal. Things are straightened out and I leave with my milkshake.

While wandering around Berkeley afterwards, Arun decides I need to start telling people I got a tattoo, and then when they ask to see it, tell them I can't show it to them. Then they'll assume it's in a "private" spot. Once the rumor gets big enough, I conclude, the FBI will probably add this info to their file on me. So when I get arrested I can tell them, "no, I'm not the real Pete Rijks" and then pull down my pants.