Pete's Log: Log Entry 362

Entry #362, (Travel)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)

first, the cult of pete's journal wishes to extend a big welcome to perk.

i am back in crested butte. too soon, it seems: arun's discovered a place that serves a variety of local beer and has hottie waitresses. Spent my last morning in berkeley doing more shopping: bought a Hi Standard cd (Hi Standard being a japanese punk band) that is quite good. bought a few books of piano music by tchaikovsky for annie. bought ender's game for myself. the korean place i wanted to eat lunch at wasn't open, so i tried a mexican place instead. it was pretty good. then took off for the airport. flights went quite well, and i finished off ender's game by the time i was at the hotel. excellent book. i'll need to check out some more of the books from that series.

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slept in at the hotel. then took off. first stop: tharco. dad told me it was at the intersection of I-70 and I-25. easy enough, i got the address and headed off. got off I-70 at I-25 and drove around for an hour before calling tharco and discovering that they were by the intersection of I-70 and I-25. silly dad. and the fact that denver is a silly city didn't help. denver seems to really love changing the names of streets for no reason. so navigating was rather difficult. next i made my way to santa fe pottery. i checked the map, figured out a route that looked simple, and headed off. part of my route called for me to take Alameda west for some distance (coincidence?) and then turn north on santa fe. well, after some time, it happened again: i saw a sign that informed me that alameda was now cherry creek north. grrrrrr... but i found my way there. then off to applejack to buy some beer and wine (since it costs like 40% less in denver). finally, at 5 pm, i headed for home. again, i decided to take I-70 west until leadville. at buena vista i decided to go over cottonwood pass instead of monarch. cottonwood is actually shorter, but only one side is paved. the border between gunnison and chaffee counties is at the summit, and gunnison doesn't want to pave its side. so the descent on the far side is slow driving. but i took cottonwood anyway. then i grabbed jack's cabin cutoff (i as amazed i found it, since it's not marked and i'venot been in that area for several years) and managed to return home by 9. 4 hours is good time for the drive from denver. and that's less time in the car than i think i spent in denver today. stupid denver street system.

looks like we'll be having arun and perk crashing at the apartment. and mamie will be there one night too. that should prove to be entertaining. i think it'll all work out so long as there's beer in the fridge.

my typing is off. arun's stupid ergonomic keyboard forced me to hit the 'b' with my left hand, where i usually do it with my right hand, so now i keep hitting 'v' instead of 'b'. arun will pay.