Pete's Log: stupid

Entry #442, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

so once again lost the domain names for a day. so because of this a log entry made yesterday didn't get mailed out.

ta hours yesterday were unexciting, i got my block size counter stuff finished for comp arch, and i made a good deal of progress on my shell. i made the unhappy discovery that unsetenv, which is a handy-dandy library call in linux, apparently doesn't exist on solaris. so, i had to replace this line of code:


with this:

for (i = 0; i < c->nargs; ++i) { for (j = 0; environ[j]; ++j) { for (k = 0; environ[j][k] == c->args[i][k] && c->args[i][k] != '\0' && environ[j][k] != '=' && environ[j][k] != '\0'; ++k); if (environ[j][k] == '=' && c->args[i][k] == '\0') { t = environ[j]; while (environ[j+1]) { environ[j] = environ[j+1]; ++j; } environ[j] = environ[j+1]; free(t); } } }

Of course, there may be an easier way, but I couldn't find it...

Went to cheers with arun and george. Katie Moor had asked me as I was leaving to have two beers for her (she was too busy with her shell to have them herself). Naturally I had to have at least one for myself. Arithmetic tells us that I need to drink at least three beers. Sometimes I love arithmetic. Especially when it tells me to drink. Of course, we only spent about an hour at cheers, so I had to be quick. At about midnight we return to fitz, and Brian, Katie, and Tom Smith are still working on their shells. I help out a bit, cuz I'm a nice guy, even when buzzing. Then we return home.

Numerical this morning was not exactly fun, because I was tired. Then I return to the ssr, do some 232 stuff, and finish up my shell. Well, I still need to stress-test it. Milky Way and Dr. Pepper for lunch, encounter Tom in the lab, help him some more with shell stuff, talk about life as fresh cse grad students. go to os. Lisa now has green contacts. Nifty.

Anne and I are attempting to arrange some kinda celebration of olympic dreams. So I must go awaken her in the student center now. We'll see how that goes...