Pete's Log: stupid code tags

Entry #443, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

Ahh, life ain't so bad. but i have decided that its in my own best interest that i don't anger the u.s. women's swim team. having been watching some of the olympics, i've seen just how huge those women are. they could all easily kill me.

the code in that last log entry came out mangled because i forgot that the code tag doesn't behave quite like the pre tage. oh well. look at the source if you want to see it properly formatted.

Anne and I went and bought forties yesterday. Then at four we were dissapointed to be the only people to be there at four, but we went forward. Brian and Arun showed up late, bearing a table, and George finally showed up at close to five. I greeted him with "It's forties at four! not forties at four-fifty!" ... but we had fun... later we ordered pizza and watched the olympic opening ceremony. the director of the notre dame band arranged and composed the music for the parade of nations, which is really cool. then we wandered over to Lisa's place for a birthday celebration of sorts. it started out slow, but Em showed up which was really cool. My head wasn't feeling to well though, and caffeine didn't help much, so I left fairly early... was asleep before two, and failed to wake up until after 11.

The game: get there later than usual, but find Paul and Rob and Adrienne and get seats with them. What a game. The first quarter was so much fun... blocked punts, interceptions, recovered fumbles. But since our offense wasn't doing much (mainly because the coaches were being way to conservative) the defense ended up spending way too much time on the field and just started looking tired... but they closed down the purdue offense just enough to allow us to kick a fieldgoal as time runs out to win the game. wow. silly freshman decided to rush the field. I didn't think the game was quite that critical or whatever, but whatever makes them happy... The halftime show was pretty cool, they had excerpts of the olympic music written by our own band director guy. the coolest thing is that he missed the opening ceremony at the olympics to be at nd to do this halftime show. that's love.

We went to meijer and picked up a grill! so we're grilling for the michigan state game next weekend. after that i spent the rest of the evening watching all sorts of fun college football. Southern Mississippi (#25/NR) beat Alabama (#15/#13) 21-0. Amazing. Alabama, now 1-2, has since dropped out of the polls, which opens up room for us. Stanford, not ranked at all, beat Texas (#5/#6 at the time, #15/#15 now) in an amazing game. Stanford still isn't ranked, but they did receive points, and this helps our strength of schedule quite a bit, since right now the only ranked opponents we have left are michigan state and usc. Michigan State barely escaped from Missouri, which is good, because they stayed ranked. But they didn't look good at all, which gives me hope for next weeks game. In other fun news, UCLA beat Michigan. Take it Michigan!

ND goes up in the polls! We are now #16 in AP, #18 in ESPN/USA Today/Coaches. Purdue dropped to #21 in AP, #21 in Coaches. They really didn't look to impressive in their first real game. They made a lot of mistakes. They finally were able to make plays against our defense simply because our defense spent almost 20 minutes of the first half on the field without much in the way of breaks... and they had the officials on their side.

today looks like another typical sunday: football on tv, and homework. today's focus: numerical methods.

Jane (CS grad secretary) informed me a few days ago that her mother lives in 2219 Coachmans Trail, which is right next door to us. So she informed her mother that the guys living next to her are nice cse student guys, so today Jane's mother came over to say hi and brought us cookies. She seems like a very nice woman. We told her if she ever needs help with anything to come by. She also says that we've not been too loud or anything, which is good to know.