Pete's Log: really long workout

Entry #507, (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

wow. today, in what has probably been one of my most successful attempts to relieve myself of stress to date, i decided to go running as soon as i got the chance. i figured it'd be just your average sort of run, but it ended up being much much more...

i got to the "schlappy" feeling fairly unenthusiastic about the whole idea, but after running a few warmup laps and stretching i was already beginning to warm up to the idea of a long run. so i decide to run for half an hour... and off i go. well, after fifteen or so minutes i decide that half an hour isn't enough. so in the end i ran laps for an hour straight. i started out taking about a minute per lap, but in the end i was taking about a minute, 20 seconds per lap. except for my last lap. that one took my about thirty seconds and nearly killed me. but damn, i gots to say, somewhere i seem to actually have some reserves i never imagined possible.

then i did some more stretching and did george's infamous ab workout. i only did 20 of each element, but there were a total of 10 elements, so i figure after an hour of running i was justified. then i stretched some more and ran a final victory lap. then i biked home.

i feel really really good now. and my bike computer showed up! woohoo!