Pete's Log: cateye mity 3 cyclocomputer

Entry #508, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

last night, after my victorious return home, i made myself dinner while talking to my family on the phone. it was fun. i made scrambled eggs, because that seemed easy enough to do one-handed... woohoo

after dinner i installed the cyclocomputer on the bike. then i rode to campus. the distance from the apartment to cushing hall is apparently 2.89 miles. Despite being sore, I managed to maintain an average speed of 15 miles an hour. My max speed was 31 miles an hour, which should have been higher, but my lock was improperly attached to the bike and came loose during the big downhill. fun fun fun.

then i wandered around fitz and campus in search of people, but didn't find anyone. so i went to the last 30 minutes of the women's soccer game. ND beat BC 2-1, improving their record to 14-0-0, setting the team record for best start to a season. then i searched campus for people again, to no avail. so i head home, watch some tv, eat some more food (i was really hungry) and then fall asleep while watching tv (i was really tired).

now it's time for football. go irish!