Pete's Log: 3 more hours till soccer

Entry #549, Thu, November 02, 2000, 17:01 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
Grrr... none of the three comics I read regularly got updated today. Bummer. But I defeated both my awful short-term memory and a slower-than-(...) ppp link and managed to get my latest and greatest p4 code uploaded to afs. Which means life should go on without too much trouble today. Still need to do more work on 232, gsu, and such. Rumor has it, tho, that we'll be getting a new 598a project next week, which should be cool, since I need stuff like that to work on. Yay. There's a cse seminar this afternoon. I'll probably do that whole scene. I've been kinda disappointed in the seminars this semester. I can only remember going to about five of them, which seems like an awful low number, it seems there should be more. But c'est la vie, no? I think I'm gonna skip out on running today, I've got to be in good shape for soccer. So I guess this means I have no excuses to not code. No, never mind, I've got plenty.

"Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian." -- Robert Orben

Oh man, I freaking rock. My rewrite of the 232 grading script rocks. Of course, chances are it'll be obsoleted again by homework 8, but I'm quite happy knowing that my "generic" grading script will actually work for two consecutive homeworks. Well, I'm assuming it'll work for homework 7, but we'll see...

Damnit, never mind that last paragraph. Time to take a moment and enjoy Lisa Marr's voice on "I Can't Get Over You" by the Queers. Word has it the Buck cd (which features Lisa Marr as bassist and lead vocalist) should be arriving soon. It's a shame I haven't found more good punk bands with female vocalists... ok, moment over, time to figure out where I messed up.

Oh, good Lord, I suck. ... ok, seems to work now. In other news, test 2 has been taken by the sophomores, which means it's time for another 232 test grading party sometime soon. Woohoo!

Went to lunch with Brian. mmmm.... subs.... seems he rocked the GRE, which is excellent. Yay Brian!

I've officialy cancelled my lab hours for tonight. Now there are no obstacles remaining between myself and soccer. I did realize, tho, that I no longer have any cleats, which is too bad. I don't actually know where mine went. But I should definitely look into investing in a new pair. I doubt, tho, that cleats would make any significant difference tonight...

Spent an hour helping Tom with sockets stuff for p4. Sockets are definitely tricky bastards if you've never used them before. And p4 requires i/o multiplexing, which, if nothing else, takes a little getting used to.

"Responsibility? What's that? Responsibility? not quite yet. Responsibility? What's that? I don't want to think about it, we'd be better off without it." -- "Responsibility" by MxPx. I think I'm gonna officially make that my theme song. Since people keep asking me what my theme song is, and that's definitely been one of the primary candidates for some time now. "I'm still young and I'd like to stay that way, cause growing up won't make everything ok. I'm still young and I'd like to stay that way. I've got a voice and I've got a lot to say. I've got a lot to say..."

Paul got a chess set in the mail, and it needed breaking in, so I volunteered for a quick game. Since we had to go to the seminar, we didn't have much time, so I played real aggressive, which proved to be my downfall, Paul won. But it was fun. Must have rematch.

The seminar was interesting. It was by the lead developer of KAI C++ and he is much smarter than I am, so there was a good deal I didn't unterstand. But that's ok. I'm fine with that.

Turns out I never did any work on p4. But I did other stuff, so it's all good.
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