Pete's Log: soccer: pain, glory, goodness

Entry #550, Thu, November 02, 2000, 23:01 EST (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
oh my God. Let's see... I got kicked in the stomach, kneed in the stomach, drilled by the ball many times, I had one mediocre head ball, but man does it feel good after all these years: my brain's been getting a bit too comfortable, got taken down hard probably a half dozen times, slipped and fell of my own doing plenty more times. My lungs were burning. I'm feeling very sore already, have huge blisters on my feet, my legs and arms are brown, I'm pretty disgusting. I'm really glad I hadn't eaten anything between noon and soccer, because I don't think my stomach would have been at all content trying to deal with food and being kicked. I'm really hungry, but don't know if I'm gonna be able to get myself to eat anything anytime soon. Man, that was awesome, so worth the hype.

We played four on four. Due to my lack of playing over the past four years, and because of my lack of cleats, I didn't play very well. So instead I played real aggressive. I definitely had a few fouls. Oops. Good thing we weren't keeping track of that sorta thing. I had quite a few good breaks on the goal, but due to my inability to stop myself never converted. That's ok. I think I'm gonna buy cleats. I had so much fun. Definitely gonna do it again. And I guess I played well enough, I was encouraged to come again on sunday.

Wow. I so need to get my abs into better shape, they so did a lousy job of protecting my guts. I'm even more psyched for the women's soccer game tomorrow. Soccer is so much more fun to watch when you can remember how much it hurts, you respect the players so much more.

Now it's time for a nice long warm shower. I'm really kinda scared of going to sleep, tho. Tomorrow I'm gonna wake up in a world of pain.
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