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Entry #689, Sun, December 03, 2000, 16:33 EST (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
The Broncos prove once again how unpredictable they are this season. They beat the New Orleans saints 38-23. And at the same time the Raiders lost in a very close game, and thus the Broncos are only one game behind the Raiders in the AFC. Excellent. It's amazing tho, how Denver can beat good teams like the Raiders and the Saints while they lose games to the Bengals and the Patriots... The Rams also lost in a miserable game against the panthers, which is always fun. They had 8 turnovers in that game, which is how many turnovers ND had all season. Cuz ND rocks.

Speaking of ND football, we're officially going to the fiesta bowl where we will play Oregon State. We moved up one spot in the AP poll (Kansas State fell behind us) so we're now ranked #10 in both polls, which is plenty of fun. We stayed at #11 in the BCS tho, but that's ok.

More proof that football is better than the other popular sports in the US: football has fun games played on holidays such as thanksgiving, christmas, and new years.
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