Pete's Log: blargh

Entry #690, Sun, December 03, 2000, 17:55 EST (School)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
what do I do when confronted with 232 students who turn in work that is very nearly identical? Basically the only difference in their code is comments, white space, and some variable names. I wish people wouldn't make me have to deal with this. I guess I'll talk with Ramzi Bualuan tomorrow.

But on the other hand, it'd be interesting to write some kinda code analyzer that strips out whitespace and comments and does some kinda variable renaming such that it can find code that is basically the same thing... I wonder what would happen if I generated assembly code for two pieces of code that seem nearly identical. If the assembly is the same... hmmmm...

mmm... sloppy joes for dinner...
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