Pete's Log: on the road again

Entry #758, (Travel)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

So the weather cooperated beautifully and I am now in Albuquerque. K2 (I think the name is gonna stick, but we'll see) and I survived our first road trip together. The drive went well. Just over six hours. Icy roads near CB and traffic near Santa Fe (and me missing a turn in Albuquerque) all added a little extra time to the trip. But it went well. K2, it turns out, has two trip odometers, which is perfect for people like me. So I have one measuring mileage since I left CB and one measuring mileage since I filled the gastank. Gas mileage is looking very good, the tank holds 12 gallons I think and I made it to Albuquerque on about 2/3rds of a tank. It's dark out now so I'm not gonna look up exact mileage yet, I'll wait until the tank is empty. I also got a chance to see how K2 handles at high speeds, both on empty stretches of road and on I25 with tons of traffic. I managed to get going 100 mph on I25, with no ill effects, the car rode very smoothly. Traffic prevented me from continuing at such speed for very long, tho.

Oma and Papa seem to be doing well. They took me to dinner at a good mexican restaurant, Pedillas. Good even by new mexico standards, so that's saying something. Very full now. Have been helping them run errands and do various stuff around the house. Current task: making christmas cookies. Much fun. Trifones are due to arrive soon, so we'll be taking off to see them at Bob's soon.