Pete's Log: room with a window

Entry #759, (Travel)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

So between Saguache and CB, alls I listened to was Operation Ivy, over and over. It was good. And although I've declared "responsibility" by MxPx to be my theme song, I think "Sound System" by Op Ivy is still one of my overall favorite songs. And thus my triumphant return to CB.

I had a fun little excursion to New Mexico... K2's odometer now reads 930 or so miles. The total mileage for this trip was 795. My measured gas mileage was also quite good: 410 miles on 10 gallons. Most of that is highway, but does include some city miles inside Albuquerque.

So the Tifones arrived in Albuquerque on Friday night. It was good to see them again (and the Sissons as well). Then Saturday morning I helped Oma and Papa load their truck for their trip to Lamar, CO. They went to the Peacocks for christmas. So I certainly only got to see them a short while, but I'm glad to have gotten to visit them for a little while. Then I returned to the Sisson's and helped them pack up for the trip to Red River. K2 was loaded with a bunch of their stuff as well. Bob and Linda claim they wouldn't have been able to make it to Red River without my added cargo space. They had a lot of stuff. Luckily a lot was groceries, so they should be able to make it back to Albuquerque without my assistance. So at about 1:30 we left Albuquerque and convoyed to Red River. Ryan Sisson and Nathan Trifone rode with me. Ryan played a punk-o-rama cd and a Devo cd. Excellent road music. Then we played We Are Not Devo. Fun. Arrived in Red River with no trouble. Had a good dinner here, then later played Taboo. I was amused when one of the words that came up was "Fiesta" the clue that whoever had the word first came up with was "Notre Dame is gonna play in the blank bowl" ... and immediately the word was guessed. Then after watching some TV, headed to bed. Woke up at 9 or so this morning, had a nice relaxed morning. Drove to town to meet the Trifones for lunch after their morning snowboarding lessons. None of them had ever been snowboarding before, so after eating, we were demonstrated their progress. They were doing well and seemed to be having fun. Returned to the Sisson's cabin (which is very nice, btw, I'd never seen it before), watched some football (Broncos won yesterday!), watched the Sissons procure a tree, and then left for CB at about 4:30. Got back to CB at about 9.

I definitely love driving. I picked up a hitchhiker friday on my way out of Gunnison. He was only going about four miles, so I didn't have company for very long, but it's always fun to talk to people on the road. I love having an open road before me, the vastness of God's creation stretching ahead of me. I love having a car. And the Trifone's have told me I'm welcome to drive down to Mississippi at any time to visit, so I may try to do that at some point... who knows. But now I have that option. And Bob gave me plenty of advice on driving now that I have a car of my own.

Of course, although I love my family very much, without fail, members of my extended family had to ask if I had a girlfriend. And Bob pointed out to me that he was only a year older than I am when he got married. It seems to be a matter of concern.

And I've always wondered what kind of people would buy one of the Big Mouth talking bass things. Well, the Sissons had one at their cabin. So now I know.