Pete's Log: ping pong, running, flags

Entry #974, Wed, April 18, 2001, 00:20 EST (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
So today was mostly uneventful. I did join my family at LeMans for some fun. Played ping pong for a while, including several doubles matches between myself, Dad, Glenn, and Laura. I suck at ping pong. The last time I played ping pong, I lost 21-3. Before then, I think the last time I played ping pong was in europe. But it was tons o' fun. Then later tonight I decided it was time to abuse my feet. So I went Running (capital R. running outside the context of any other sport) for the first time in forever. Various things, but mainly several weeks of illness have kept me from running in a while. But I decided to go running on stepan field in cleats, since my cleats still need breaking in, and my feet need to develop tougher skin. Need to do that regularly, I think, in addition to the sort of running that is less abusive of my feet.

unrelatedly, it seems Mississippi voted to keep the confederate emblem in their state flag. By an overwhelming majority, too, it seems. The claim by the pro-confederates is that it's a symbol of southern heritage, and thus they should keep it. Well, that's fine by me, I suppose, it's not my state. But it seems to me that anytime a symbol of your heritage is adopted by various hate groups, including the KKK and various neo-nazi groups, then maybe it's time to find a new symbol? But also of interest is the fact that of all the southern states that recently had to decide if they wanted to change flags, MS is the only state that decided by popular vote. It is also the only state that kept its old design. So I wonder what would've happened in the other states that changed their flags had it been up to a popular vote.
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