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Entry #1113, Sun, September 16, 2001, 01:21 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
"Yes, this is the 7-Eleven, I want to report some juveniles sucking on the Slurpee machine." ... I have no idea where that quote comes from. All I know is I found it as a log entry I postponed some time ago.

I've found it very hard to pry myself away from the news channels on TV these past few days. It's strange. I also discovered that Meijer is all out of American flags. Normally they've got a fairly large selection. And I now know what smelling salts smell like. Paul asked if we could smell some smelling salt when we were at the blood bank on Tuesday. Them things is potent. Paul, Rob, and I each had our heads snap back when we took a sniff of the thing.

So last night I cooked up some veggie stir fry with sweet and sour sauce. And since I am trying to develop a perfect sweet and sour sauce recipe, I wandered to Andy's place to ask him to come give me a second opinion on the sauce. Well, Nicole was there, so she came along and I got positive second and third opinions. After that, I went to a party at Cari McCullough's house with Andy and Nicole. I think we got there at 11ish. We started out playing cards, Andy, Nicole, Cari, Megan (?), and I. We played a game called, I believe, Napoleon, which was quite interesting. After a while that ended, and Andy wandered off to mingle with other partiers. I instead chose to hang out with three very cool girls. I was informed that I am the fourth-hottest guy on the planet. Andy is number five. So 3 am rolls around to my surprise, since I'd figured the party would go kinda slow for me, since I'd slept about three hours the night before. But it turns out I had a lot of fun. I ended up driving us back. Andy's car is interesting, the clutch is quite unlike mine. I like mine better.

Which leads to another interesting thought I had recently. Automatics seem very strange to me now. Not only do I drive a stick, but most of the people who I catch rides with drive sticks: Arun, Andy, Paul, and Rob are all wise and realize the superiority of manual transmission. So when I recently got a ride from somebody driving an automatic, it was kinda strange. And supposedly automatics make up more than 80% of cars on the road. Well, not in my universe they don't!

So hopefully this log entry will arrive properly in the mail boxes of those who wish to receive it. These past few days I've had a hard time trying to focus on real coding I need to do, so in order to at least do some sort of coding, I've hacked in a bunch of new features for my log. Most of them will be transparent to anyone but me, but there is one very prominent new feature users may be interested in: digest mode. If you don't want to get an email every time I add a new entry, you can now choose to get an email for every several entries. And best of all, you determine the criteria for when you get mailed: you can choose to get one email for every x entries, or you can select a minimum number of days that must pass between mailings, or you can choose to receive an email every time (at least) y Kbytes of entry text has been written. As usual, these settings can be changed at So with digest mode finally implemented, I am now more likely to write more, shorter entries, since anyone who doesn't want that many emails can simply switch to digest mode.
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