Pete's Log: Birds

Entry #2125, (Chickens, Cooking, Homeownership, Nature, Parenthood)
(posted when I was 43 years old.)

Our robin (pretty sure there's only one baby left) looks just about ready to hop out of the nest. There's been sing-song back and forth between it and an adult nearby, that I'm choosing to interpret as the adult encouraging it to jump. Jamie and I are eager to have use of our back door again soon.

Adolescent Robin standing on nest

In bigger news, there are more birds in the yard:

Our new chickensOur new chickens in their coop

They belonged to Mary and Bert, but they have decided to move to a village that doesn't allow them. So we're taking them on. Bert being Bert, the coop is top-of-the-line and automated. So I'm going to have to see if I can integrate it with home assistant.

Currently we can sort of see them from one of our cameras, but the view feels too far away.

Chicken coop as viewed from the driveway camera

Anyway. I'm sure it's going to be a challenge. But I hear fresh eggs are delicious. I'm told these three lay about one a day each. Also it's quite relaxing to just sit near the coop and watch them do their thing. JB won't get to see them until tomorrow. I'm real curious to see what her reaction is.

We made hummus a few days ago. That's been something I've wanted to do for quite a while. It turned out good. The texture was nice and it felt real fresh. Flavor wise it was missing a little something and I'm not quite sure what. Next time we'll try more garlic but I wonder if we just need to go all in on salt. JB was an eager helper making the hummus. It was fun. Will definitely be doing it again.