Pete's Log: Solstice Update

Entry #2124, (Life in General, Movies, Nature)
(posted when I was 43 years old.)

Tonight, after everyone else went to bed, I leveled up to the gold division in GeoGuessr competitive. Distance Battle Royale is my jam. There are still 19681 people ahead of me in the leaderboard.

The robins seem to be doing well. I think the babies have opened their eyes.

Robin and babies in nest

Since the heat last Thursday was ridiculous, Bert, Andrew and Steve decided to see Top Gun Maverick in the theater instead of playing soccer. I joined them. I can't even remember the last time I saw a movie in a theater. This film was silly. But I think I got my $10 worth. About five minutes in the thought struck me that this felt like a mid-life crisis in film format and I couldn't shake the thought after that. Also - just because you have plenty of footage of Tom Cruise grunting at high G's in a fighter, doesn't mean you have to use all of it.

Saturday Jamie and I returned to the restaurant that remains unnamed and had a pleasant lunch. They still gave us a few causes to laugh, but lunch itself was excellent. And best of all, this time B&N was open afterwards.