Pete's Log: Previewing Entries!

Entry #1996, (Coding, Hacking, & CS stuff, Meta)
(posted when I was 43 years old.)

In its multiple decades of existence, Pete's Log has never had a preview feature when adding new entries. Instead I try to write the entry as best I can and then I add it and then I repeatedly edit it as needed. My last entry had to be edited five or six times before it was good to go. And that's not unusual for any entry that includes a large amount of pictures or other markup, like my code tag.

This evening was the sort of evening where I wanted to hack on something, but didn't quite have enough in me to tackle anything on my project list. So in classic fashion, it was time to hack together a new Pete's Log feature. Now I can finally preview entries before posting them! Feels long overdue.

And on top of that, I managed some code cleanup and updated a few more mysql queries to properly use parameters. I've been slacking on getting that done for log code that only gets executed by my logged in user.

And since I need to use a little markup to make sure the preview feature is actually working, let's give this guy another appearance: